View Tokyo from Above

Stop by the Museum of Islamic Art

Said to be the world’s biggest weekend market, Chatuchak lives up to its standing. This large flea market covers an area of 27 acres and comprises more than 15,000 vendors selling everything from plants into antiques, and finger foods into clothes. Even if you don’t intend on purchasing, strolling through Chatuchak is an adventure in itself. Additionally, it is a excellent place to eat and come.

Why do they call you “Mr. Think Outside the Box”?

To genuinely see this scenic wonder is, I suggest taking a boat journey among the islands of the lake, into Fairy Islet. A round trip in the wooden ferry, that is a replica of their emperor’s cruise ship, only costs 35 Yuan, or about $5 U.S.. This boat trip is one of the best things.

What are some ways that all of us can travel more conscientiously, even if we choose to pay our own way?

Pecan Lodge is highly revered in Dallas, and it is arguably the best spot for the best barbecue in Dallas. It is located in Deep Ellum, having moved from Dallas Farmers Market in a bid to increase production and cater for the high demand. However, somehow people can’t just have enough of their bbq and will always flock the place. They make bbq that is all cooked in an array of unique offset smokers. The result is a smoky, tasty bbq meal.

What to See Along the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala

 Late night meal at Restaurant Vodenitsata in Burgas

What to See Along the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala

Restaurant Motto, Sofia

I saw first-hand why they call Lek that the”Elephant Whisperer.” Though the majority of us would be afraid to approach a herd of adult elephants, some of which are totally blind, so Lek can it with as much ease as we’d walk as much as a litter of puppies. She has no qualms about being prodded by colossal trunks at one time, squeezed between two pachyderm bodies, or sniffed up and down by hungry elephants who understand she has snacks in her back pack. Not once was she harm by them, and not once didn’t have to tell them not to.

Restaurant Motto, Sofia

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