Where to Spend the Night in Dublin: Rush

Get Amazing Views from Veste Oberhaus

If you’re trying to visit some of Delhi’s cultural and historical landmarks, a stop in Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, one of the nine Gurdwaras of the city, is in order. Jama Masjid, delhi mosque, is another fantastic spiritual and cultural destination which makes the city one of the greatest places to go to in India.


Theater of Epidavros

David’s Been Here is touring all the top sites and main attractions in and around the Bulgarian city of Burgas. In this short video, David takes us 17 miles outside the city to the small village of Debelt, where the ancient Roman Ruins of Deultum are located. Home to the Temple of the Imperial Cult (dedicated to Asclepius- the god of health/medicine) and the ancient Roman Thermas (Roman baths), this partially excavated archaeological site is a great look into the rich roman history that once thrived along the Black Sea Coast. For a great half-day trip outside of Burgas, take a wander through the town of Debelt and Deultum’s ancient ruins, one of Bulgaria’s many remarkable ancient Roman sites.


Take a Boat Ride on Lake Ohrid

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings

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Last, but certainly not least, have a tour of this village. It is a superb way to spend, although it’s fairly small. From the sandy shores where you can pick on mangoes into the downtown area, Galibi is serene and tranquil.

See the Frescos of the Church of St. Sophia (Sveti Sofia)

The advantages of riding in the Green Cars include having more comfort, being able to recline your chairs to 40 levels, more leg space, getting a traditional oshibori (traditional hot towel), getting free drinks on specific lines, and also the freedom of travel in a vehicle which never gets crowded, even during the peak travel period.

Ringstrasse (the Vienna Ring Road)

The Helles Memorial (a.k.a. the British Memorial), commemorates the names of the British soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of Gallipoli on the base of the monument, which is shaped like an obelisk.

Horizont Restaurant, Varna

Ogden has long been known as a lawless frontier town. What started out as a modest Mormon settlement in the 1850s eventually became a bumping boom town along the Transcontinental Railroad, opening up Ogden to all sorts of characters with a sense of adventure, and earning it the nickname “Junction City.” Al Capone was once overheard saying that Ogden was too wild even for his standards.

Walk the Great Wall of China

As you explore Harajuku, you may discover a jewel of a restaurant that’s hidden down a backyard that’s been decorated with artwork that is amazing. This is Sukura Tei.

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