What to See and Do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Visit Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana

St. Peters Church is the most famous building in Riga and it also provides visitors with the very best perspective of the capital. The original Gothic tower was built in the 15th century, but collapsed in 1666 before being rebuilt at 1690 in Baroque design.


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“Plovdiv is the biggest and loveliest of all cities. Its beauty shines from faraway.” -Lucian of Samosata, Ancient Greek satirist (120 – 200 A.D.)


Photograph the Schaibling Tower

The use of moonstones carried into the Polonnaruwa period. By then, the designs of the moonstones had changed slightly and were used at the foot of other buildings, not just at the entrances of Buddhist temples.

Long Neck Hill Tribe Villages

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See the Ancient Theatre of Ohrid

Within walking distance of the concrete jungle that is downtown San José, lies the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden – an environmental and socio-economic project aimed at protecting these small delicate creatures. Committed to preserving a habitat for their 25 species of butterflies, Spirogyra is one of the last small patches of forest remaining in San José. Right across from the El Pueblo shopping center, it’s one of the best places to just lounge in the shade, enjoy a cool drink and watch butterflies flit about.

1. Hawaii has its own culture.

Other points of interest near Seven Springs include Tsambika Mountain, and the Tsambika Monastery that rests on its upper slopes. The monastery is shrouded in local legend. The Byzantine church at the top is dedicated to Our Lady, and a revered historical site for the women of the island. Women with childbearing problems are encouraged to make the ascent barefoot and pray to the virgin in order to receive the blessing of children. Upon the birth of her divinely gifted child, she is to name him Tsambiko, or, provided it is a girl, Tsambika. The monastery can be reached via a five-minute drive from town. Be sure to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Please note that there is a fairly steep, moderately difficult ascent of over 300 steps. However, the reward is definitely worth it. From the top you will have incredible panoramic views of the coastline from Kolymbia to the town of Lindos.


Experts: concerning relaxation, they are rather comfortable because they barely weigh anything at all. They are usually made of cotton and are inexpensive (about 80 cents each). Great for mild times when allergens could be present, that is a really rare occurrence in China.

Floating in the Rapids

The must see here is Stela D. It is the most intact stela because it was found toppled on the ground. The figure depicted in Stela D is King K’ak Tilw Chan, who was the “kings of kings” in Quirigua. His claim to fame was his defeat of the rival city of Copan (in Honduras). Within the site you can see the acropolis, which is perfectly intact and right across from it you can see the sleeping quarters of the city’s rulers.


Do Locals Understand English?

A wide variety of animals call Manas National Park home, including Asian elephants, tigers, clouded leopards, rhinos, water buffalo, macaques, gibbons, black panthers, deer, ducks, pelicans, peacocks, eagles, and much more.


Visit the Town of Szentendre

What really happened is that I basically quit my job on the spot right then and there. I just knew this was the right step, and actually David had the right idea. Look how many people are travel influencers now. I honestly think that we were some of the first people doing it.


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