The Best Boutique Hotel in Kos: Total Relaxation at the Aqua Blu Hotel & Spa

Dine in the Three Fragrant Restaurant

Besides the plain dosa, there are other kinds available on the menu, including the rice dosa, which has an entirely different flavor profile from various other dosas and is incredible with all the tomato and mint chutneys. There’s also also the neer dosa, which looks like a sponge and is traditionally served with mint and coconut scents and tomato chutneys and the egg dosa with potato mash.


Most exotic place your career has taken you? 

The Anangu people believe that Uluru and the land surrounding it was created by their ancestors. The marks left behind on the rocks dictate the laws they follow and live by. This is why there are many areas of Uluru that are too sacred for public viewing, and therefore blocked off. These sensitive areas are all marked with a red “S” and must be respected by all visitors at all times. The physical evidence of the Anangu ancestors is called “Tjukuritja.” Similar to the ancient Greeks, the Anangu people believe that titans once roamed the land, and their superhuman actions are still used to interpret many aspects of their lives.

The Best Spa in Austin, Texas

The Ancient Agora, or marketplace, is an excavation area comprised of a series of ruins dating back to the fourth century B.C. It is conveniently located next to the port, and bordered by a wall that is over 60 feet in length and eight feet tall. Once the island’s main trading center, the Agoria features the ruins of a temple that was possibly dedicated to Hercules, and a shrine to Aphrodite.


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Pros: Brands like Respro® provide you with choices so you are not only stuck with a white clinical-looking mask (although they have those versions too). These masks typically come in various sizes so you can discover the perfect match (this is the key!) Once you have it, you can change out the filters and keep using the same mask. They are made from cloth and are machine washable, which is fine if you would like to freshen up this . They are also ideal for biking or playing sports (or sightseeing around Beijing trying to cram all the principal sites in just like my father and I).

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