Staying Inside Malawi’s Nkhotakota Game Reserve: Tongole Wilderness Lodge

5. Muros

Without further ado, here’s my ‘MUST-DO’ list: the top 10 things to see and do in Meteora, Greece:

Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum

3. Go see the city of Dara. This ancient city has been standing since 505 AD. The city of Dara was in constant battle from its inception to its demise. When the Romans were not ruling, another culture was fighting to make the people live under its rule. Finally, in 958 AD, the city was taken from the Byzantines. A church, some tombs, and small dwelling spaces are all that remain of this once-great fortress so many fought to rule.

Manastirska Meritsia, Sofia

Tip 5: For washing clothes on the go, I recommend buying a travel size laundry detergent. You can wash your clothes in the hotel sink and hang it to dry overnight.

The Best Campsites in Cornwall

If you travel to Kalymnos via ferry, you will arrive in the island’s capital city and main port, Pothia, which was established on the southern side of the island in 1850, near the old capital city of Chora.


Lugo is home to the largest hospital in Galicia and satellite campuses of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The city’s unofficial motto, “Y para comer, Lugo” (And for eating, Lugo), is a testament to its exquisite cuisine. With the Cantabrian Sea only an hour and a half away, local farms abound, and its proximity to the Miño River, Lugo’s restaurants have top choice of a plethora of fresh ingredients. Foodies love Lugo for this reason. It is also a place that adventurous eaters will love too. Perhaps the most beastly among menu items is the lamprea, or lamprey fish. This blood-sucking, snakelike creature spawns in the rivers of northern Spain. While lamprea dishes are tasty when prepared correctly, many do not like the iron-flavored aftertaste. Lamprea season is from February to May. Here is everything what to see in Lugo, Spain!

A Continuously Growing Country

I also highly suggest looking for the chicken thigh, which comes wrapped in a curry, the jadoh, and also the pickled bamboo shoots with chilies. There’s also a dried, smoked beef curry that tastes a lot like a beef jerky!


The Beaches of Kos

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Research the Temple of Heaven

1 thing you’ll see along La Ruta de Lechon–where I suggest that you try this dish–is that the vendors claim to have the best arroz con gandules. Each were nice and tasty, but be sure to test it at different places to determine which one you like the best!

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