Moonstones: Mining, Processing and Hand Crafting

Everything you can expect from the Excursion

Visit Koh Toh — A beautiful tranquil island in Thailand which contains an assortment of adventures and isn’t too touristy.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

Are you traveling to New York City on a budget? The limousine and taxi service in the city can be expensive and the standard cab ride charge may be a tad bit too much for out-of-towners.

Visit Bangkok Noi Artisan Village

Average July high temperatures in France: Paris 25°C, Bordeaux 27°C, Strasbourg 25°C, Nice 27°C,

Shop for Souvenirs at the Stara ?aršija (Old Bazaar)

Restaurant Owner: Ok I would like to review the proposal. My email is OR No problem that will be perfect! What day would you like to come?


Santa Catalina Monastery

We’re Audrey and Samuel!We’re originally from Canada but have been travelling the planet ever since meeting back in 2012. We love to record our journeys through movies, so you are able to see us on Youtube in the English and Spanish. On Instagram, you can trace along for a few updates.


The Prices are Incredibly Low

As you see, I start piecing the schedule together. After one night of cold calling, I managed to schedule my first day at WTM. Since then, I have done more late night calls, which have proven to be successful.

What area of the world do you find the most inspirational for your music, and why?

The most traditional handcrafted item in Sarchí is the carreta, an intricately painted ox cart that represents what was used in the region to haul coffee from mountain farms to Costa Rica’s seaside ports. The carts were first painted in the early 1900’s as a weatherproofing method for the wood. But over the years, the decorations have evolved into colorful and intricate designs. The carts are now used only for festival displays. The world’s largest ox cart can be found in Sarchí’s Parque Central, which is near the church. The ox cart, about 45 feet long and weighing in at around 2 tons, was built specifically to earn the town a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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