The Best Websites To Learn About Whisky from Around the World

Dine on Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

South of Assisi Around the SS 75, is the village of Santa Maria degli Angeli.This is the place where the domed church of Santa Maria degli Angeli can be located. This church was constructed in the 16th century also is now the 7th largest church on the planet. It’s the area where St Francis spent some time during his lifetime in order to follow God’s word and founded the Order of Friars Minor in 1209.

Monastery of St. Naum

We’re currently in Montana and are packing up to get ready for our move to LA. In the next few weeks we’ll drive out to Los Angeles from Montana, and on the way down explore through rural Nevada. We’ll jump on the extraterrestrial highway and take in all the weird and bizarre roadside attractions. Those are always great!

Try Coffee at Café Simon

I am taking you to visit three restaurants to sample Jamaican, Dominican and Haitian cuisines. First up is Clive’s Cafe a Jamaican restaurant that makes some of the best Jerk Chicken in Miami. Next up is Seven Sea’s Restaurant and Fish Market, where Nicolas the owner makes some delicious seafood dishes and Mangu for breakfast.

Rozhen National Folklore Festival

Today, Xi’an has a population of approximately 8.5 million individuals. But while Xi’an is a very large town, finding your way around it’ll be a breeze if you use the GPSmyCity program , an innovative travel companion that is a must for many tourists. This easy-to-use program, which is available on both the iOS and Android and can be used offline, so literally turns your phone or tablet into your own personal tour guide with almost sixty app attributes including a map which goes as you proceed due to auto-tracking; directions to local websites such as shops, museums, restaurantsand landmarks, and other popular attractions; and even an choice to connect with local guides who will provide you the inside scoop over the city which just locals are agreeing to. With GPSmyCity, you won’t ever have to worry about becoming lost in Xi’an, or thousands of different cities around the world, ever again, and certainly will instead keep your focus on what makes the town this extraordinary location: its millennia of history, which has got Xi’an the nickname”the eternal city.” Here is what to watch and do whether you are there!


Have Breakfast in a Floating Market

If you’ve not skied until they do or snow boarded have college where they may teach you the basics. You can rent all the gear you’ll need here but I would advise bringing pants.


5. It’s Safer

I get this question all the time, “Where are you headed to next?” The reality is that I never know where I am going next, rather it’s usually a surprise when it finally becomes a reality. I do, however, have a bucket list for the next 55 countries I would like to visit in order to reach my first 100. So far I have visited most of Central America and 24 countries in Europe, but I am still missing several amazing ones.  At the moment my travel plans are a 10-day relaxing honeymoon in St. Lucia, but this is not a work trip…actually it’s the first vacation I’ll have in quite a long time.

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