Playing with Iguanas in Guayaquil, Ecuador: Visiting Iguana Park

How many days/weeks are you traveling in any given year? What are the types of places you like to cover?

Feel like family when you dine at this small, but unforgettable boutique restaurant. Vegetarians beware, El Fogón de Trifón (Calle de Ayala, 144) is widely known for its decadent meat dishes, as well as its vast wine selection. One of their best dishes is the croqueta de murcillathe blood sausage croquette. El Fogón de Trifón is not shy about incorporating game meats into the menu; deer, quail, ox, partridge and duck are just some of the house specialties.

1) Oslo

And now our tips for that long journey! With campervan travel, it is important to remember that it isn’t just about reaching your destination, but enjoying the journey there.

La Plaza de Armas

But at some point in the 19th century, the river’s banks began to silt up. Large ships were unable to navigate the now shallow river, having drastic effects on Hoi An’s trade. With business quickly moving to other locations, the area turned into a veritable ghost town. The waterfront streets, colorful Japanese bridge, merchant quarters, communal houses and assembly halls were all abandoned; Hoi An’s thriving years had come to an end.


Have a Street Food Tour

Mykonos itself is an open-air ancient archaeological site, an island where monuments and ruins can be found at every step. Delos is a small islet situated a few miles away from Mykonos. Most of the ancient history of Delos relates to the worship of Apollo and Artemis, this city being their birth place. The island was the religious and political center of the Aegean, and the scene where the “Delian” religious festivals were held in the honor of Apollo. It was home to a very important oracle and many fabulous temples.


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 Getting a much-needed foot massage on Loi Khro Road, Chiang Mai ($5)


Start in Haifa in the north and Eilat in the south for art, sports, science, history, and religious activities. No one gets bored in Israel.*


Etruscan Gate “Augustas”

In the past the Puffin was the second most numerous bird species in the Faroes, but in recent years their numbers have dropped due to lack of food, which has incited a ban on Puffin hunting until their numbers increase (yes, puffins are a traditional Faroese food).


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While this is a city that has a lot to offer curious travelers, it’s also so large that it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. That’s why we have compiled a list of sites to visit, restaurants to eat at, and things to do for all types of travelers, whether you’re a foodie, a history enthusiast, a culture lover, or all three. These are the top 10 things to see and do in Hyderabad, India.

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