Chelinda Lodge and Leopard Sightings in Nyika National Park: Malawi, Africa

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Although airlines generally don’t cause too much of a fuss in this regard, sometimes they might try and stall the process in an attempt to frustrate you into dropping the case. If this is something you want to avoid, there are a number of third party companies who can claim compensation on your behalf for a nominal fee. These companies are generally pretty efficient, and you only have to pay them once they’ve collected your compensation. This is a good route to take if you’re not keen to deal with long waiting times and endless email exchanges.

Casa Betanzia (Betanzos)

The mouthwatering items on Midwood’s menu includes a quesadilla filled with your choice of smoked brisket, pork, or chicken along with caramelized onions and poblano peppers; pimento cheese fries topped with either chopped pork or beef brisket; a chuck and brisket burger known as The Roadhouse; and hickory-smoked pulled chicken dressed in a South Carolina mustard sauce. The food at Midwood is top notch, and the cooks created a dazzling flavor sensation I won’t soon forget.

Very best Day Trip: Tulum

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Go Wine Tasting in Dubrovnik, Croatia

It varies from video to video, but many times it’s for my audience to see the positive in a country the may have heard bad things about on the news, or how we can learn from different cultures and that there are ideas different than ours in the world. When possible I always try to find locals who can show me around or better explain their country/city and it not only helps the video but teaches me and the viewer about there perspective from a totally different part of the world.


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Many of the tasty creatures fished along Galicia’s coast are not found anywhere else on Earth, making this region a unique gastronomic epicenter so I decided to tell you about the best seafood in Galicia to eat. It’s also worth a mention that Galicia’s reputation in food doesn’t end with mollusks. The region features Spain’s best beef, chicken and is the birthplace of the airy, refreshing AlbariƱo white wine.


Andorra La Vella

If you’re touring Australia’s Northern Territory and are looking for a serious adrenaline rush, head to Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove. Home of the ‘Cage of Death’, brave customers can head underwater to bob alongside a full-grown crocodile while it goes through its daily feeding process. Watch along as David’s Been Here films an underwater exclusive of this unique, wild and unforgettable experience. With nothing but a Plexiglas cage separating you from this man-eating prehistoric creature, the Cage of Death is the safest and closest encounter you’ll ever have with a crocodile.  For more information on the Cage of Death and all of the area’s top experiences, check out the David’s Ben Here Guide to the Northern Territory, coming soon for your kindle.


The lending market is becoming more and more flexible, and the reason for this lies in the fierce competition among banks and lenders. They all try to offer the best terms and you, as a borrower, can greatly benefit from this, especially if you have good credit.

Qatar Travel Information

Bring sunblock, bug repellant, walking shoes, poncho and an umbrella. The sun is always blasting in Guatemala, the mosquitoes will have a field day with you if you’re unprotected during rainy season. Rainy season also brings another unwanted occurrence: land slides. So check Guate’s annual weather patterns before booking your trip.


Little Wild Goose Pagoda

For travelers who want a holiday where they can enjoy uncrowded beaches, beautiful scenery and a great tourist infrastructure, Malta is the place to go. With a location halfway between Italy and North Africa, the climate is subtropical and offers wonderfully mild winters and hot summers. This makes it the perfect destination for year round holiday relaxation.

Photograph St. Jovan of Kaneo Monastery

Jaipur also has been home to two excellent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among which I visited during my period. This town has a lot to offer and has been such a highlight of my visit to India. All these are the top 10 things to do in Jaipur, India.


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My friends and I Located ourselves.There are nine cottages such as smaller ones like mine, which comprised a set of beds, a very wonderful bathroom, plus also a much-needed device to eliminate mosquitoes, in total. Trust me, these Assamese mosquitoes are beasts that are little, or so the device has been a savior there!

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