10 Epic Adventures Worth Taking In the USA

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In addition to being able to buy just about anything that your heart desires it is also a fantastic place to have a true Thai meal. You can choose to eat at the nice dining marketplace of the bazaar, or fulfill your stomach for a fraction of the cost at the bazaar food court. If you have an adventurous streak like me, do not lose out on the chance to try out the bazaar unusual culinary delights: fried bugs. They taste just like French fries! After your meal, then finish off your night by bettering yourself by enjoying a live music and dance performance!


Giverny & Monet Gardens

Take a closer look at the history of the country and you’ll see a number of ancient and modern sacred places, every place has its own story, in fact, some of the places are only devoted to religious buildings. Every year thousands of people visit these places, offer their gratitude, and learn more about their history and traditions. So, if you wish the same, see some of the renowned religious tourist places covered by routeprints.com who would surely love to visit.


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If you’re comfortable in a motorbike riding the remnants of the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a great experience, and also the traffic isn’t crazy here.

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